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Holistic Sound Healing

Experience the world of holistic healing, through sound frequencies and vibrations. Holistic healing aides in proper balance, allowing you to mindfully raise your vibration, and heighten your awareness to connect within. Benefits of energy and sound healing include: next level relaxation, chakra balance, energy restoration, awakened consciousness, transformation and enlightenment of mind, body and spirit.

Earth Harmony Studio provides;
– Sound Healing sessions using Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and drums
– Usui Reiki sessions using a Japanese technique based on the principle of an unseen life force energy
– Sound Healing Meditation sessions in small group settings by the use of Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and drums

Every session is personalized. Through a gentle, respectful and compassionate approach, we honor spiritual evolution and healing energy in a safe and sacred space.

Mind Body Spirit

If you are seeking holistic and natural avenues to relax, calm, soothe, cleanse, and purify your mind, body and spirit – we are here for you. Contact us to schedule an online appointment.